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  1. My Strangest Project: John M. Burke Gravestone Ceremony — May 22, 2017
  2. Countdown to My Second Book: Pioneers of Promotion — May 22, 2017
  3. My Fair Eli: 1991 Video Spoof — May 22, 2017
  4. Vintage Videos of Carl Yastrzemski Sculpture — January 12, 2015
  5. PGA of Canada Video — January 10, 2015

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May 22

My Strangest Project: John M. Burke Gravestone Ceremony

To kick off the marketing of my new book, Pioneers of Promotion, which is about the early visionaries of the marketing industry, I gathered 30 people in a Washington, DC cemetery and live-streamed it to 1,000 people around the world.  It was a promotional stunt to celebrate the man who essentially invented the promotional stunt: …

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May 22

Countdown to My Second Book: Pioneers of Promotion

It was three years in the making, and will be one more in the waiting.  But Pioneers of Promotion is coming in the spring of 2018 from the University of Oklahoma Press.  Check out more details about this remarkable story at

May 22

My Fair Eli: 1991 Video Spoof

OK, so it was shot on 1/2″ video a half a lifetime ago.  And you won’t get half the jokes.  Still, my 1991 spoof of My Fair Lady, in which a bunch of MBA students transform our mailman into the Yale Man, is is not without its moments.

Jan 12

Vintage Videos of Carl Yastrzemski Sculpture

I have managed to find (the hard part) and digitize (the easy part) some great videos I produced 25 years ago.  Forgive the quality, but the content – showing the creation of Armand LaMontagne’s amazing life-size wooden sculpture of Carl Yastrzemski, as well as highlights from Yaz’s career – are well worth your time.  Click …

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Jan 10

PGA of Canada Video

Check out my video, showing what happens when the PGA of Canada decides to bring its tournament to the Wild West.

May 19

Fun New Videos

Check out the Videos page for a couple of my newest productions — one that shows my breathless efforts to keep up with the ocicats Cona and Brina, and the other that takes you along on my whirlwind coast-to-coast book tour.


Cache of Creativity

This site contains more than 150 of my favorite photographs, electronic recordings, videos and written works — including some new ones.  Enjoy!

Oct 12

Consulting Services through Brickwall Strategy

My consulting company, Brickwall Strategy, helps consumer-oriented businesses to smash through the barriers that often prevent them from reaching customers.


As an expert on the topic of layoffs, from both sides of the fence, I am well qualified to pass the pink slips around — and frequently lecture about the topic at business schools. Check out my role-playing exercise, The Layoff Game.


1101 Miles

My goal for the summer of 2013 was to bicycle 1000 miles on my new Pinarello FP Due.  I found 101 ways to beat that goal, and share the experience in this video.

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