I think I still have my old Brownie regular-8 movie camera, and probably the Sanyo regular-8 and Canon 514XL super-8, too.  But these days it is a Canon EOS 80D, a GoPro Hero3, and a SonyNXCAM – and I am still hopelessly behind the technology.  But with those “relics,” and a little non-linear editing magic, sometimes I can actually fool myself into thinking that I would have made a good filmmaker.

Artsy and Fun Videos

My 25,000 Mile Bike Ride (2022)

Celebrating 20,000 Miles on a Bicycle! (2020)

90 – A Love Story (2020)

Bicycling Along Boulder Creek (2018)

John M. Burke Gravestone Laying Ceremony (2017)

Alex Bynum Tribute (2016)

Keeping Up with the Ocicats (2014)

Natural Prophets Book Tour (2014)

On-Board Bicycle Adventures in Arizona Summer 2013 (2013)

Hiking the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon (2013)

The CatTender (2012)

Oc-Elation (2012)

Sights and Sounds of Spain and Italy (2011)

Another Tribute (1996)

My Fair Eli (1991)


Teaching Excerpts

Sustainable Operations Summertime PSA (2020)

Fracking Road Trip Snippet (2020)

Mobility Lecture Snippet (2020)



Non-Profit Videos

Marley Farms (2009)

Panther Ridge: Introduction (2009)

Panther Ridge: Zeus Goes Fishing (2009)

Yaz: The Making of a Legend (1990)

LaMontagne: The Un-Making of a Legend (1990)

Yaz: Legendary Moments (1990)


Corporate Videos

MBArk2Boulder Food Leadership Conference (2019)

FIELD Program Overview (2018)

PGA of Canada Club Professional Championship (2014)

Sweet Stories:  The Essence of Zevia (2012)

Pacific Natural Foods (2011)

Bakery On Main: Creating a Big Business in Small Batches (2011)

Bob’s Red Mill: A Story Written in Stone (2010)

Langers: The First Family of Juice (2010)

High Noon (2006)

Jaindl Turkey Farm (2005)

Balducci’s: A Triumphant Return (2004)

Astor Chocolate (2004)

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company (2004)

Cone Changes (1987)

Dobrow Video Debut: AlcoaWorld (1984)