I was born in the 20th century with a fascination for the 19th century and a burning curiosity for the 21st. I fell in love with history, and with technology. I grew to appreciate nature’s stunning simplicity, yet was drawn to the world of marketing and consumer brands. I am today just a product of our times.

Collected on the pages of this website are some of the more creative “products” of a fairly productive lifetime — essays, articles, poems, stories, broadcasts, videos and photographs. Lots of photographs. Here’s hoping they provide you with a momentary diversion, a pleasant smile, or a profound inspiration.  — Joe Dobrow

Promoting the Pioneers of Promotion

My second book was published in 2018 – 33 years after I started researching it. Publishers Weekly said “Dobrow is a rollickingly entertaining writer with a gift for making history vivid, and he breathes life into the Gilded Age on every page.” Check out the book website.

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20,000 Miles

In July of 2020 I surpassed the 20,000-mile mark on my bicycle – and promptly created this video to celebrate the occasion.

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Fun New Videos

Check out the Videos page for some of my favorite productions – including a 90th birthday tribute to my Dad, a piece that shows my breathless efforts to keep up with the ocicats Cona and Brina, and a variety of others spanning more than 30 years.

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Vintage Videos of Carl Yastrzemski Sculpture

I have managed to find (the hard part) and digitize (the easy part) some great videos I produced 30 years ago.  Forgive the quality, but the content – showing the creation of Armand LaMontagne’s amazing life-size wooden sculpture of Carl Yastrzemski, as well as highlights from Yaz’s career – are well worth your time.  Click …

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