I write for a living. There are articles for magazines and websites, books (well — one so far, and another in the works), and plenty of ads, brochures and direct mail pieces.. My best efforts have often come after hours. On this Website I have posted some of my more entertaining articles and essays, written in those rarified moments when inspiration struck and time allowed. Many have never been published. But now, at last, they have a home.

Also be sure to check out my first book, Natural Prophets, an entrepreneurial history of the natural foods industry (Rodale Books, 2014).  You can order it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Tribute to Grace

Here is an appreciation I wrote after the tragic death of my friend and colleague, Grace Richardson, in 1999.   It is a sunny day in August, a Monday morning, at some nondescript crossroads in some undistinguished town in Wisconsin, USA, North America, Planet Earth, Milky Way galaxy. Many years ago someone surveyed this area, …

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